Meet Instructor, Jon Sunde

Jon Sunde headshot
Jon Sunde, Owner Electrician, Instructor

I get excited about the NEC and teaching electricians how to apply it to their careers, and I try to bring that passion to my presentations. I enjoy seeing the “lights go on” when knowledge is attained and feel very rewarded when I see students gain the confidence they need to become successful, advance in their careers, and become first-rate electricians.  

I have been an electrician for 30 years and hold licenses in multiple states. I have experience in many aspects of the electrical field and as a trade school instructor. I started teaching electrical classes in 2001, and am a member of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors and the UL 1691 committee.

I am also a certified instructor for the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry as well as for Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, and North Dakota continuing education courses.

I have met many wonderful and intriguing electricians over the years. And I look forward to getting to know you through one of my classes.