Keeping Electricians Smart

National Electric Code 2020 book cover
Gain confidence for even the most complex dilemmas.

For more than 12 years, Sunde School Electrical Training has been helping electricians stay current and take the next steps in their careers.

Join one of our classes, and you’ll learn how to navigate the National Electrical Code 2020 book, giving you confidence and expertise in even the most difficult situations. 

Our in-depth training includes:

  • Continuing Education Credits: in-person or live-streaming weekend classes for electricians licensed to work in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and North Dakota. The course’s content has been approved by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry and by the oversight agencies of Iowa, Nebraska, and North Dakota.
  • Test Prep: take your Journeyman, Master, or Maintenance Minnesota State Licensing Exam with confidence. Classes meet in-person weekly and last approximately five months.
  • Customized Electrical Training: onsite continuing education at your location. We can address issues relevant to your specific situation or focus on safety, code update changes, or other specialized training needs.

A family-owned electrical education service…

Jon and Ellen Sunde in a prairie
Jon and Ellen Sunde

Jon Sunde, Owner, Master Electrician, and Instructor: Jon has 25+ years of experience in the electrical industry, and since 2001 he’s been bringing his love of “all things code” to his students. 

Ellen Sunde, Owner, Administrator, and Organizer: Ellen has 12+ years of experience managing Sunde School Electrical Training. She brings her talents of organization, attention to detail, and friendly customer service to each student, as well as her homemade goodies during class.

Every year, they see it: when electricians improve their skills, they ultimately improve their careers and livelihood.

Jon and Ellen are excited to be part of your journey and help you succeed in the electrical industry!

Jon and Ellen are the proud parents of six children. In 2021, they were delighted to gain a son-in-law.